About SiteFlight

We are driven to build websites that deliver massive value.
SiteFlight is a website design and development company that builds websites for specific industries. Focusing on certain industries allows us to provide massive value to clients because we can bring deep industry knowledge and custom-built domain-specific tools that attract more customers for our clients. The current industries we serve include authors, asphalt contractors, fishing guides, bait shops, and manufacturers. 

Guided By Strong Values And A Spirit For Adventure

We bring our core values to every thing that we do. They allow us to constantly be growing and learning by reminding us that action is a priority and that no matter the situation we will have humble, clear, and honest communication.  When you work with us you will find that we always attempt to clarify and organize to deliver projects in a clear, clean, and consumable manner. Ultimately, we are here to grow in our skills, work closely with top-quality people, and always, without exception, be kind to everyone. 

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Meet Our Owner

Nate Gervenak

Owner, Designer, Builder

I started SiteFlight because I recognized that making decisions about technology and implementing new technology can be extremely overwhelming and difficult. I wanted to work directly with a small group of specific industries to remove the burden of those decisions and offer a complete website solution that just works and does everything you expect. I work every day to come closer to that vision. 

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