SiteFlight Partners with Jobber

One of the easiest ways to earn a bad review from your customers is to have bad communication. Customers get upset, you get stressed, and that stress piles up.

One of the most common reasons for bad communication is trouble tracking customers as they move through the different stages of your sales pipeline. A customer might get lost, a bid forgotten, or even a scheduled service appointment missed.

Any of these can lead to a negative review that potentially hurts your brand’s online reputation.

So, how should your home services business enable superb communication with customers in your pipeline? Jobber, Jobber, and Jobber!

There are invoices, there are bids, there are crews to run, there are schedule adjustments to make, and so on. You can try to cobble together different cheap or free tools to make communication smooth, but that is a real challenge and quickly becomes messy and confusing.

Instead, you should get a system built for providers like you, and that system is Jobber. Jobber optimizes your pipeline from lead generation to payment. Their system is broken down into four primary parts:

  • Request
  • Quote
  • Schedule
  • Invoice
  • Payment

The Jobber platform offers an all-in-one solution that allows you to respond quickly to requests, send bids, schedule jobs, monitor crews, and then invoice and collect payments. It is packed together in a stunningly simple user interface that any technology-phobic contractor can easily understand.

And for all these reasons, we proudly announce our partnership with Jobber! We work with clients to integrate Jobber forms into their websites so they can easily collect leads. As part of our partnership, Jobber offers our customers an exclusive 20% discount for 6 months (or 20% off for an entire year on Annual Plans) on Jobber software. Claim your 20% off here.

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