We Wish The Brainerd Lakes Area a Successful Summer on the Lake in 2023

Today is the Minnesota Fishing opener, and to us that marks the beginning of a summer spent on the water! We wish a warm, ‘good luck’ to our clients whose businesses depend heavily on the summer months in the Brainerd Lakes Area. We also want to give say ‘welcome’ and ‘welcome back’ to the many visitors and summer cabin dwellers who will be spending their time in the Brainerd Lakes Area!

We’d also like to give special thanks and special good luck to some of our Brainerd Lakes Area clients who need open water and sunshine to help their businesses thrive. Here are some of our current clients:

If you’re in the BLA and need a fishing guide call, The Nisswa Guides League. If you’re looking to guide yourself, stop by S&W Bait to grab the bait and if you need a place to stay check out the vacation rentals provided by MN Real Estate and Management. Or if you’re a lake shore owner and need a high-quality aluminum dock check out Ridgeline. All in all, we wish everyone a great summer in the Brainerd Lakes Area.

You’re going to find our team out on the lakes fishing, volunteering, and biking the Cuynuna Lakes Mountain Bike trails, and even spending quite a few days pedaling and fishing up in Duluth, MN!

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