3 Free Ways To Find Keywords For Your Small Business

Are you wondering what keywords you should add to your website? We’ve got 3 tips that you can start with today and won’t cost you any additional money.

1. Listen directly to your customers:

​ When your customers talk, you should listen! Listening helps you to discover ideas for frequently asked questions, new product lines, or internal process improvement. But listening also helps you uncover keywords you should use in your copy. As an expert in your craft, you and your team probably use lingo that sounds foreign to your customers. If you’re including that in your copy, you’re writing for you and not your customer.

2. Read your competitor’s materials:

When you read a competitor’s copy, you should be reading with your customer in mind. Ask yourself questions like, why would their customer care to know that, why didn’t they mention their pricing, what emotions did the writing inspire within me, and which of my customers would this article resonate with? You should be looking at the specific words they use and ask – what topics did they cover or what keywords did they use to describe that topic. Reading your competitor’s copy doesn’t just tell you about their business – it gives direct insight into what they think your customers find important.

3. Connect Your Website to Google Search Console

Using uncomplicated and free software like Google Search Console will uncover valuable information and, over time, will show you what searches naturally drive traffic. With that insight, you can understand customer intent and in turn create content that uses keywords that align with that intent – broadening your audience over time.

For more keyword research ideas (and to see the advice we left), check out this article from Upcity: 21 Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis Tips For 2022 by Jason Randall