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4 ways to generate new asphalt leads

This is part 1 of our “The Asphalt Business Marketing Guide” series of posts. In this section, we’ll cover customer types and how to reach these customers.

Four asphalt customer types

Regardless of where you stand in the asphalt business journey, you should understand who your target audience is. In general, you have four distinct customer types: homeowners, business owners/parking lot owners, other contractors, and the government. A strong asphalt business most likely relies on revenue from each one of these customers.

Each of these customer types has different priorities and needs. They also go about finding asphalt contractors in different ways and through different channels. Therefore, it is important to have a strategy to connect with them where they want to connect.

Four channels to reach new customers

A marketing channel is a medium you can use to market your business. It is the way you make customers aware of your products and services. For asphalt contractors, there are four main channels to connect with your audience.

Traditional marketing and sales

Traditional marketing represents the non-digital world and is often one of the most effective ways to connect with homeowners. It encompasses distributing mailers, displaying signs by completed projects, door-to-door promotions, and cold-calling. These methods, especially face-to-face methods, not only help you understand your customer’s needs, but are effective because they help you prove that you’re local, looking out for the customer’s best interests, and someone they can trust.

Online Lead Generation

This includes digital platforms such as websites, Facebook, other social media channels, paid advertisements, and SEO. We’ll delve deeper into the intricacies of online lead generation in subsequent sections.

Sub-contractor collaboration

An effective approach to ensure immediate cash flow is by partnering with larger contractors who subcontract work. Many large paving or construction firms frequently receive inquiries for smaller projects that don’t align with their scale or service offerings. If you can build a relationship with these companies not only will you receive great leads, but you’ll learn a lot from their experience!

Public bids

Most government projects are advertised publicly, with exceptions for projects under specific values. These bids can be found in local newspapers, government websites, and other public data sources. Stay attuned to these and study these opportunities as they not only provide significantly sized contracts but also grant insights into the market dynamics.

While each channel offers distinct advantages, a holistic business strategy involves leveraging all four. This diversification ensures a consistent revenue stream, irrespective of market fluctuations, by catering to varied audiences.

Most asphalt contractors start their business by focusing on homeowners and small business proprietors. These two market segments are not only relatively easy to tap into but they also hold significant potential. The rest of this guide will focus on reaching this particular group with traditional marketing and online marketing techniques. If you can form a robust brand presence within these segments you will pave the way to strong future growth!

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