Web design for asphalt contractors

Ready to grow your brand, generate more leads, and Increase Sales?

Building a powerful lead-generating website for your asphalt company starts with building trust. Is your asphalt business’s online brand more trustworthy than your competitors? If the answer isn’t, ‘yes’, you won’t be viewed as premium, and you won’t hear back as often as you should.

Technology Isn't Your Friend? We've Got You Covered.

Professional crack sealing, for example, takes professional knowledge, skills, and tools. Professional websites are no different. Our service includes all of the professional grade tools and decisions you expect from a professional grade service.

Built With The Content That Paving Customers Demand

Parking lot and driveway customers look for a 6 primary pages and content types: Home, About, Services, Project Gallery, News/Blog, and Contact Us. And on those pages, you need testimonials, social media links, pictures of past projects, and FAQs. We include them on every site we build! Not just that, but we ensure that those pages are designed for your customers’ expectations.

Looks Great on Every Device

Most of your customers will look at your website on their phone or desktop. Our design looks good no-matter the device.

Custom Designed For Your Brand

That extra element of trust is built because you tell your story well online. Does your website design reflect your busiensses quality?

Contact Us Methods Are Easy To Find

Your site needs a contact us form (that works!), clickable phone numbers, and location information made very easy to find.

The Technical Part Is On Us, No Work Needed From You!

If you can send an email with a photo attachment, then you are ready for a website. All the technical stuff? That’s on us. Our team has spent thousands of hours working on websites, and we stay on top of the latest industry news. The asphalt website packages make that knowledge and skill available to you.

Industry Leading Security Practices

SSL, Firewall, backups, routine software updates, strict password management rules, two-factor authentication, website hardening - all included without any work on your end.

Get Discovered on Google

Search engine optimization (or SEO) is a long-term marketing strategy that takes time and effort to implement. All of our packages include base level SEO and more advanced packages help your business grow.

Top-Tier Hosting is Included

There are tons of hosts out there and finding the best host at an affordable price can be challenging! Plus, what do you do once you get there? We've got the answers.

Other Important Elements

Attract Potential Employees
Advertise Safety Programs
Target Important Keywords
Get Proactive Management
Office Staff Can Edit
Connect Google Reviews
Show Your Office On A Map
We Adjust To Your Needs

Integrate with Tools:

Google Reviews
Google Search Console

Take their word for it!

“Nate and Pat have great communication and did a awesome job on our website. We also used them for photography and social media services as well, which we were very pleased with. Very reasonable rates. Would recommend!”

Lakes Pavement Maintenance
Ted Nelson, Owner

Website Packages and Their Costs

All packages include a yearly management plan that covers hosting, small updates, security, and more!

Local Asphalt Contractor Site

$4,000, Annual $400 Renewal

Includes 7 standard pages: home, about us, services, blog or news, employment, contact, and portfolio/gallery. Plus, up to 10 individual service pages. We will even post (you provide) 1 blog post for you to get you started. 

State Leader Asphalt Contractor Site

$7,500, Annual $850 Renewal

This package includes everything in the starter package plus, one industries served page, up to 10 geography-specific landing pages, three starter blog posts written and posted for you, 12 site updates every year, a promotional popup, and one additional page of your choosing!

Premiere Regional Asphalt Contractor

$10,000, $850 Renewal

This package includes everything in SEO Growth plus up to 5 industries-served pages, a portfolio with individual project pages (10 included), up to 15 geography-specific landing pages, 6 starter blog posts, 5 keyword-targeted landing pages, and a current employment opportunity page.

Extra Blog Posts Written & Posted
Logo Design
Optimized Extra Page
Extra Content Type Archive and Single
Extra Page
Custom Material Calculators
Job Board With Current Job Listings

The Asphalt contractor website design process

The whole build and design process can take as little as 2 weeks or as long as 6 weeks. It really depends on how quickly we're able to communicate with you and approve designs.


Meet & Collect Info

Fill out our onboarding form and deliver the content that you have. Then tell us about what makes your business unique.


Approve Sketches

We start customizing a site to fit your needs. You’ll approve a site architecture (aka map of pages) and a sketch of the homepage. 


Build On A Private Server

We then build and test your site on a URL that isn’t accessible to the public. Once it’s ready, we will send it to you for final approval. 


Launch & Monitor

Once you approve, we will launch the site and include a 60-day active monitoring period where we actively monitor errors, improve speed, and optimize your site. Then, unless you signup for SEO, we simply maintain the site.

About Our Asphalt Contractor Website Design Team

Nate Gervenak and his brother Pat founded SiteFlight in 2020 to pursue their passion for technology while working in industries that we enjoy. Prior to starting SiteFlight, Nate used his marketing skills and work ethic to start an asphalt maintenance business in Bozeman, MT. That business continues to be successful today and now has two locations in Montana. He learned about what it takes to start a successful asphalt maintenance business, and he continues to use those lessons to create great websites for asphalt businesses.      

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer website redesigns?

Yes we do! If you’d like a redesign we will need access to your current site along with access to any analytics accounts. Depending on your website additional charges may apply.

Will you write copy for me?

Yes,  we will write your copy! You must provide some basic outlines and company information, but we’ll have pros fill in the rest.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

The internet is dynamic and constantly changing. Maintaining keeps errors on your site to a minimum, but it also means that we have extras running like firewalls, backups, SSL, Uptime Monitoring and more. 

Do you Provide Photography?

We provide stock photography, but photography and videography is an extra. We encourage you to spend about $500 on a photographer every year. We will help you find and hire that photographer.

Can I host the site Myself?

You can, but we will charge you a fee, and we will charge you the same yearly fee if you choose to use us for management. This package is designed to be hands-off for you.

Do I need a Domain?

Yes you do! Domains are the one thing we do not provide. You will have to purchase your domain independently of us. We recommend GoDaddy & a 10 year domain.

Can I add My Own Plugins?

We use WordPress and you can add your own plugins, but this is not available by default. Once you install plugins, you may incur additional charges if errors arise.

Can I do my own SEO?

Absolutely you can! We’ll even give you some tips. Of course we offer SEO, but we won’t prevent you from making updates if we are not providing an SEO service. 

How long will my site take to rank on Google?

Within just days Google will discover your site, but it could take up to 3 months or more to really start ranking. High rankings take good SEO.

How do I get to the top of Google?

We recommend starting with a Google Business profile and asking for reviews from your current customers. Otherwise, paid ads can temporarily rank you high, but sustained high rankings take time!