author website design

Author Websites designed to affordably market books

Put the pedal to the metal on the book sales gas pedal by getting your website up quickly and not getting bogged down in tricky technology and marketing decisions. We’ve engineered an author website packages that incorporates the tools you need to grow and market your book. 

Author Websites With Great Decisions Built In

We want you to make great decisions about your website and your marketing strategy. That's why we created this package. Great decisions are built-in and you don't have to spend time learning about how websites work. You have our knowledge and our a proven path to follow.

No Technical Knowledge Required

If you can send an email with a photo attachment, then you are ready for a website. All the technical stuff? That’s on us. Our team has spent thousands of hours working with and learning about website technology. The author website packages make that knowledge and skill available to you at a low cost.

The Most Important Website Pages for Authors Come Standard

Home, About, Books, Events, Blog, Press, and Contact pages are the most important pages you need to start your website. Our package includes them all, plus templates to add grant acknowledgments, reviews, accolades, books, blog posts, and events.

Low Cost and Affordable with Great Support

Our low-cost author website packages are the fastest way to get a WordPress website setup. We do all of the backend WordPress work for you and respond quickly to email support requests. 

Marketing Features are Configured for You

Your site comes pre-configured with good semantic HTML, a sitemap, meta descriptions setup, quick share buttons for Facebook and Twitter, popups, and email newsletter signups.  

Simple Layouts Customized to Reflect You

These sites aren’t totally template driven, nor are they totally customized. Rather, we listen to your needs and then recommend a predefined layout that aligns with your goals and your design style. Then we add customizations like fonts, colors, and graphics to align your site with your brand. 

We had no idea how much is involved with designing and constructing a quality website. We have received many compliments from friends and others who have visited our site. We are counting on this site to be a great aid to our book sales. We have already shipped out a lot of preordered books and new orders continue to come in regularly. We very much appreciate having you and your company on our team. Thanks so much.

Darrell J. Pedersen, Author

3 Author Website Design Packages


$999, Annual $450 Renewal

Contains all 7 main website pages, marketing features, hosting, and everything you need to get establish and grow your author presence quickly and easily. 


$1500, Annual $850 Renewal

The e-commerce site extends the standard package and allows you to sell your book or books online. It includes transactional email and all e-commerce pages. 


$8,000+, variable renewal

Custom website design substantially extends your author options. We’ll set website goals, investigate your brand, and create a complete website system for you to thrive.

The Author Website Design Process


Share your story

Start with a quick onboarding form, 1- 30 minute phone call, and then share your content with us!


Let Us Get To Work

We grab a layout that fits you well and get to work. This will take about 2 weeks from the day we get all your content. 


Provide feedback

Review the site we built, then approve. You’re allowed 2 rounds of revisions for text and minor design tweaks, but no free major design changes. 


get you site live

We make the your site live following best security practices. We’ll give you another shot for a free update, then we let your site work until our next checkin! 

Add an Author marketing plan

We partner with publicists who are author marketing pros.  They will advise you on how to create a breakthrough marketing strategy that will help you sell more books. We work closely with our partner publicists to create websites that support proven author marketing strategies. Get started today and request a paid consultation from one of our partner author marketing pros! 

We Build websites for authors

SiteFlight’s creative and technical personalities are here to support your publishing dreams. We truly enjoy working with authors in-particular because of the broad exposure we get to many interesting ideas while still adhering to our philosophy of limiting the number of industries we work in.  We truly enjoy learning about our authors and trying to express their personalities and passion on the websites that we build. As a company, we build sites for a limited set of industries in order to develop expertise and provide massive value to clients at an affordable rate. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer website redesigns?

If your site fits into our 1-Page or 5-page layout, then yes. Otherwise, we have an additional charge for redesigns that depends on the site. 

Will you write copy for me?

Yes, we will write your copy. Provide us with your basic business info and we will write everything you need! You can provide copy if you like. 

Can I host the site Myself?

You can, but we will charge you a fee, and we will charge you the same yearly fee if you choose to use us for management. This package is designed to be hands-off for you.

What CMS do you use?

We use WordPress to build these sites. That way you have tons of flexibility in the future with or without us. 

Can I add My Own Plugins?

We will charge you an additional yearly fee to allow you to have access to the backend of the website, and we are not responsible for plugins or configurations that you change. If you want functionality not included in your package, this will be a custom site design with a much higher price tag.

Can I do my own SEO?

These sites are mainly created as hands-off brochure-style websites. But you can do your own SEO, we do not provide SEO services unless you pay. 

How long will my site take to rank on Google?

Designing and building a site is just one small part of being online. We do what it takes to ensure your design follows best practices, but even when following a strong SEO plan it can take months to begin ranking high on Google, and even then the #1 spot is never guaranteed. 

How do I get to the top of Google?

We recommend starting with a Google Business profile and asking for reviews from your current customers. Otherwise, paid ads can temporarily rank you high, but sustained high rankings time with time and marketing efforts.