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Your website is one of your business’ most important assets. By keeping it maintained you are freeing yourself from unnecessary worry. Our website maintenance reference puts those resources at your finger tips!

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by neglecting site maintenance

Too often your business' website takes a back seat to other important tasks. We get it. You're busy. But what happens when you're not? A consistent focus on your website is one of the best ways to unlock growth potential and ensure consistent leads over the long-haul.

the free guide lays out everything you need for routine maintenance

Reference tables

Having the information that you need on hand can be half the battle. Do you know your DNS, your Domain renewal date, your host, etc. etc.? You should. The quick reference tables put all of your website info in one place. 

maintenance schedule

Your website is a tool. You know that it is essential to maintain your tools if you want to consistently perform well. Don’t ignore maintenance because you don’t know what to do or how to do it – call us.

debugging tips

Getting to the top of Google is not just something you magically do. Google puts only the brands that have proven their worth over the long haul at the top of results. If you’re not actively working on dominating your chosen keywords – someone else is.  

we are dedicated to making wordpress maintenance simple

Our owners, Pat and Nate Gervenak, are on a mission to make website maintenance easier for everyone! Far too often do website owners come to us with a site that hasn’t been maintained or updated for months or even years. Not only does this pose security threats, but it means that you can’t make simple changes without updates that can often be challenging for even the most technical users. We want to guide you through maintenance so you can keep your business ranking high on Google and generating new growth. 

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