Our Website Design Process

The website design process is a clear and simple way to complete your website projects efficiently and effectively. It is centered around our Marketing Core: Strategy, Design, Maintain, Grow. Ready to get going? Contact us today.

The Sell, prepare to be whooed

Stage Goals
15 to 30 Minute Introduction

Tell us your website design needs, budget expectations, and timeline. We may get through it in 15 minutes, but let’s plan for 30. If you’re ready to get on our calendar right now, go schedule a meeting here. 

Price within 48 hours
We get back to contractors and manufacturers quickly.
Approve the first scope
Based on our initial meeting we can outline scope.

Fill out onboarding doc, let's go

The Strategy Element, know thy customer

Stage Goals
Kickoff Meeting

At the design kickoff meeting we will go over the onboarding information you provided and fill in the blanks. We’ll talk about your brand, customers, products, plans, and visions for the future. Depending on the size of the project, this can take 1.5 to 3 hours.

Send Research Deliverables

May include: customer personas, tone, product sheets or more.

Finalize Website Page Structure

Line out the pages you’ll receive along with content outlines.

Send your content, let's write

The Design Element, your visual pitch

ui-design (2)md
Stage Goals
ideas (2)md
Homepage Mockup
This is the first taste of the site. The homepage sets the tone for the rest of your site. Once approved we can understand the overall feel that we need to go for.
app-design (2)md
Create Brand Materials

This may include logos, a brand guide, fonts, and unique designs like badges or infographics that are going to be required for your website. 

Full Mockups

For large projects, you’ll receive mockups for all pages. Small projects will skip this step sometimes.

IDE (2)md
Website Build

Now we build the site and ensure it is responsive for all devices.

Add The Content
If we already have content, this will go quick. If not, this can be a sticking point on projects. We will add the content and let you comment on the site so we can make changes where needed.
Site Quality Control

We do an internal review and open the site up for comments from you.

Launch, let there be a site

The Maintenance Element, stay nimble stay quick

Stage Goals
web-interface (2)md
30 minute task credits

Quick tasks, email us and we do them.

Firewall & Security

We take security seriously which means top tier security practices.

WordPress Updates

We keep your site up-to-date and monitor changes.

cloud-computing (2)md
Site hosting

We use high-quality hosting to keep your website fast.

Continious engagement, let it grow!

The Growth Element, get more leads

Stage Goals
Monthly SEO Reports
When you're on our SEO plan we provide monthly reports and give you tips and insight into how your website is performing.
Rank Tracking
We pick the top keywords for key pages and then track your performance on Google against these keywords.
SEO Projects
Based on your performance and audience we recommend and budget SEO projects to help drive growth.
Digital Ads
We drive traffic to your website with paid monthly Google Ads to help gain you more leads.

What is the Strategy Element?

The strategy element in any marketing project is about clarifying, unifying, and articulating your pitch. Our strategy element aims to help us understand your market and business in order to align messaging with your goals. We cover these questions:

  • What’s unique about you?
  • Who are we selling to?
  • Why should they buy your products?
  • How do they find your products?
  • What’s a practical approach to digital marketing?

For lower-cost website and graphic design projects, most of this is covered in our kick-off meeting. For larger projects, we deliver a target market profile, brand messaging, target keywords for SEO, and a recommended content calendar.

What is the Design Element?

The design element includes our website design service and our graphic design service.  Our primary design focus is website design and development. However, websites often incorporate all of your marketing materials. This means that if you’re going to get the site you want, we may need to create many supporting graphics. For that reason, our designers support all of your needs. It is about creating the visual pitch of your business. Some things that may be included in your design element include:

  • Website design and build
  • Website prototypes
  • Logo design
  • Infographic design
  • Brand color selection
  • Brand packet creation
  • Signage for projects
  • Brochures and pamphlets
  • and more…

The goal of the design element is to provide you with a single source for design services. This allows us to onboard your business once, get to know your customers, and continuously make strong graphics to support your business’s goals. 

What is the Maintenance Element?

The maintenance element includes our WordPress Management solution. This is our end-to-end solution for hosting, securing, and maintaining your WordPress website.

We offer 3 tiers of support for businesses of various sizes:

  • Basic Care Plan
  • Supported Care Plan
  • Supported+ Care Plan

For all plans, we set up and monitor security features, daily backups, a firewall, uptime monitoring, website email delivery status, and assist with website DNS integration. For the Supported+ level of service (recommended for national brands), we integrate with leading enterprise-grade CDNs for speedy content delivery. 

We do not offer the Maintenance Element to most sites that were not built by us but do consider sites on a case-by-case basis.

What is the Growth Element?

The Growth Element includes our SEO Services and Paid Ads Services. These two solutions are often our most expensive services, and you should consider them like hiring a part-time employee. However, you can see a massive ROI for a routine investment in SEO and Advertisements. To understand these better, think of SEO as a sustained and routine effort often involving content creation, link building, keyword targeting, and other technical SEO.

  • Monthly SEO Reporting
  • Keyword Rank Tracking
  • Website Optimization
  • Content Strategy
  • Google Business Account Setup
  • Blog Post Creation
  • Landing Page Creation
  • Link building
  • and more..

To get started with our Growth Services, contact us to see if we’re a good fit!