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Full Custom Design: Create Your Brand's Expereince

Custom website design is about digging into your marketing, sales, and growth goals and building a website that can support those goals. It is about sharing the brand you’ve created and connecting with your customers in a way that is truly you.

Our Capabilities Customized To Your Needs

Full-Responsive Design

All of our websites are built to be fully responsive and as fast as possible on mobile. Most businesses can expect 50% of their traffic to come from mobile.


Your website can almost always benefit from custom copy. Either bring your own and we'll apply it for you ($) or have us create copy for you ($$).

Market Research

Every great site starts with market research. We have various forms of research that we conduct and will define what we do based on your requirements.

No-Code to Low-Code

Writing custom code typically means higher maintenance costs and the need for long-term maintenance. No-code means finding support will be easier.

User Experience

We design all of our sites with the user experience in mind. When the site demands it we will run user testing to ensure optimal UI & UX.

Custom Functionality

If you have custom functionality that you'd like to add we can help! Want to add scheduling? We got you. Want to show the current weather? We got you.

The Custom Website Design Process


Onboarding and Strategy Meeting.


Research, Plan, and Approve Design.


Build Website and Supporting Content.


Quality Assurance and Maintain.

Who Will Your Work With?

We are a small family-run business with a passion for web development, design, business development, and process optimization. We are dedicated to creating the custom designs you need and coordinating every moving part that goes into your web design. 

Nate Gervenak
Pat Gervenak


There are lots of moving parts that come together that make your website. Most of what the common person considers a website is comprised of three major parts: visual content, copywriting, and website layout. Though there are many other aspects (SEO, security, hosting, functionality, maintainability) these 3 portions can make or break any website and the best websites invest in making these aspects high quality.

Absolutely! Part of our initial discovery phase involves reviewing the content that you do have so we can create designs that utilize your existing content whenever possible. In fact, the more content you do have the lower the cost and the faster your site will be developed.

We manage the overall art direction and photography required but we do not directly take the photography and videography. We do coordinate and work with freelancers to ensure that photography and videography meet our needs and is of high quality.

Think about it like this:  how long does it typically take for you to approve something that comes across your desk? Do you respond in 48 hours or are you on the phone within 10 minutes? How long did it take you to approve copywriting or add suggestions to marketing materials in the past?

The site that you’re looking at right now took about 2 weeks total to build. That includes all portions developed in-house: copywriting, full custom designs, edited photography, a no-code building process, and a streamlined 0-hour approval wait time. These development speeds require immediate email responses and approval occurring quickly. The more decisions you leave up to us, the faster you approve, and the faster content is delivered the faster designs are finished.

If you need to move quickly check out our rapid development, template-driven sites.

Yes, we design our sites to be mobile friendly. Not only will your design look good on mobile, but we will consider loading times and unique mobile interactions.

The starting point for most custom websites is about $3,000, but price can rise rapidly depending on your requirements. We will work to refine and define this extremely clearly in the discovery process to avoid scope creep and set a fixed final price as early as possible.

We focus on WordPress; however, we have development experience in other categories as well. In most cases, WordPress works extremely well and is very flexible.

The main things we help with are:

  • SEO Friendly Site Structuring
  • Web Crawler Analysis and Error Fixes
  • Basic Sitemap Creation
  • Analytics Integration
  • Website Speed Improvements
  • Other best practices

Ultimately, you’ll rise in ranking on Google (notice I didn’t say get to the top of Google) with sustained Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We build our sites for SEO and use best practices in structure and copy, but getting to the top of Google takes time and consistency beyond just building a website.  

We do! For custom websites we will define our maintenance and hosting services in the statement of work. Ultimately, we’re here to keep your site maintained and secure for the long term.

You are not required to use our maintenance and hosting, we will define and recommend our maintenance and hosting recommendations on a case-by-case basis. Although we highly recommend staying with Site Flight in order to keep up on maintenance, it is the best way to keep your website flexible in the long run.

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