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Supported DIY: Get Budget-Friendly Knowledge

We’ve been DIYers and we understand the budget constraints you face. We’ll provide you with affordable support that will give you a huge confidence boost and get the project done.

How We Can Help You:

Make Decisions Quickly

Want all your website decisions made quickly? We'll help by providing you recommendations to get started and we will even launch all of your website.

Eliminate All Tech Talk

Did you Google a problem and every response came backfilled with words that - for all you know - could be entirely made up? We will help you solve the problem with no jargon.

Or Maximize Tech Talk

Maybe you want to understand the technical side of your website. We do love to get into the nitty-gritty. We can discuss and answer your tech-related questions.

Catered To You

Most situations are pretty similar, but they have their unique twists. We will provide you with answers that fit your unique situations.

Quick Support

We offer 48-hour response times to every inquiry. These will be in-depth answers that help you get the job done quickly!

Meet In-Person

Want face-to-face help from a real person who gets what you have going on? We love meeting in person and even putting on events to help you learn quickly.

DIY Support Options


30 Minute One on One Website Workshop – End With A Website & A Checklist of Website Tasks to Complete


Get an Hour-Long Meeting To Dive Into The Details of Your Website.

Coming Soon!

A Half-Day Website Training Event with Other DIYers To Learn & Leave With a Website.

These are additional software costs that will range from $50-300 depending on your websites requirements.

Who Will You Work With?

We are a small family-run business with a passion for web development, design, business development, and process optimization.  We love DIY and understand why you’d like to pursue this route. This path is for intrepid learners and entrepreneurs, we love this personality and want to support you however possible. 

Nate Gervenak
Pat Gervenak


There are three possibilities:

  1. Use Our Maintenance: $300 + $12 (domain) = $312 + DIY support.
  2. Your Maintenance Our Spec: $100 (plugins) + $125 (quality hosting) + $12 (domain name) = $237 + DIY Support.
  3. Built As Cheaply As Possible: $12 (domain) + $50 (hosting 1st year) + $0 (plugins) = $62 + DIY Support.

We recommend that you budget at least $400 for your website even if you decide to go as cheap as possible. You will still probably want to buy a few things.

The goal is for you to come to us with a vision of what you want. We can then very quickly help you obtain that vision and set tasks that you need to accomplish to achieve that vision.

We can help with all of these, but it will go smoother if you have this stuff done:

  1. Set at least one goal or expectation that you’re looking for from your website (we can help).
  2. Understand a basic look that you’re going for – take screenshots or better yet draw!
  3. List the functions you’d like to achieve, keep in mind functions = $ (keep this simple i.e. submit a contact form)
  4. Have your assets organized: logo, 3-4 pictures, fonts (if you have a preference), videos, copywriting, and any other pieces you would like to incorporate.

No, we can help you create your website on many different platforms. Just send us a message with your question and we may be able to help. We do however work the best with WordPress and Elementor.

We do! For custom websites we will define our maintenance and hosting services in the statement of work. Ultimately, we’re here to keep your site maintained and secure for the long-term.

How long do you want it to take? Seriously, we can get you up and running with a basic template in less than 30 minutes, then it could take another 4 hours for you to copy and paste in your content.

Or, it could take you weeks to custom build and learn the design solution we recommend and even longer to create the content.

As a DIYer expect to take time with troubleshooting to get things just as you’d like them. Although we can help rapidly solve the vast majority of the problems you run into, which is the purpose of the $100 retainer.

This is our hourly support retainer. Most of your problems will probably take us 10 minutes or less to solve or respond to. So, pay upfront and we’ll deduct the time it takes us from your $100 payment. The time does count towards troubleshooting and responding to more complicated or strategic questions. But we value your time and providing honest solutions, so we’ll take as little time as possible.

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