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Templated Design: Get Your Website Built Fast

Fast builds are WordPress builds that take existing templates and convert them to work with your business’s content. We use our marketing and design expertise to craft a website that fits your business’s goals and needs. 

Our Capabilities Customized To Your Needs

Full-Responsive Design

All of our websites are built to be fully responsive and as fast as possible on mobile. Most businesses can expect 50% of their traffic to come from mobile.


Your website can almost always benefit from custom copy. Either bring your own and we'll apply it for you ($) or have us create copy for you ($$).

Optimized for Search

All of our websites follow SEO best practices. This also means that we include analytics, connections, and other software configurations.

Pick a Template and Build From There

We'll provide you with template options. From there you can choose the template and we will move quickly from there!

Provide Marketing Insights

We will always make recommendations that will help grow your business. This might mean slightly changing copy or moving a call to action around.

Extend Basic Functionality

If you have custom functionality that you'd like to add we can help! Want to add scheduling? We got you. Want to show the current weather? We got you.

The Custom Website Design Process


1-Hour Onboarding Meeting To Define Your Goals.


Select Your Template and Deliver, or Gather Content.


We’ll Build or Implement The Template with Your Content.


Run Quality Assurance, Launch, and Run Maintenance.

Who Will Your Work With?

We are a small family-run business with a passion for web development, design, business development, and process optimization. We offer this to help small businesses quickly and affordably build strong and recognizable brands.

Nate Gervenak
Pat Gervenak


There are lots of moving parts that come together that make your website. Most of what the common person considers a website is comprised of three major parts: visual content, copywriting, and website layout. Though there are many other aspects (SEO, security, hosting, functionality, maintainability) these 3 portions can make or break any website and the best websites invest in making these aspects high quality.

Absolutely! Part of our initial discovery phase involves reviewing the content that you do have so we can create designs that utilize your existing content whenever possible. In fact, the more content you do have the lower the cost and the faster your site will be developed.

We manage the overall art direction and photography required but we do not directly take the photography and videography. We do coordinate and work with freelancers to ensure that photography and videography meet our needs, and is of high quality.

Yes, we design our sites to be mobile friendly. Not only will your design look good on mobile, but we will consider loading times and unique mobile interactions.

Most template website builds will cost between $800 – $2,000, costs can go up if you need us to generate custom content for you. Generally, if you’d like a half-day photography session with some edits you can expect an additional $1,000.

For our template-driven websites. Yes, we only build with WordPress.

The main things we help with are:

  • SEO Friendly Site Structuring
  • Web Crawler Analysis and Error Fixes
  • Basic Sitemap Creation
  • Analytics Integration
  • Website Speed Improvements
  • Other best practices

Ultimately, you’ll rise in ranking on Google (notice I didn’t say get to the top of Google) with sustained Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We build our sites for SEO and use best practices in structure and copy, but getting to the top of Google takes time and consistency beyond just building a website.  

We do! For template-based sites, we will define our maintenance and hosting services in the statement of work. Ultimately, we’re here to keep your site maintained and secure for the long term.

You are not required to use our maintenance and hosting, we will define and recommend our maintenance and hosting recommendations on a case by case basis. We highly recommend staying with Site Flight in order to keep up on maintenance, it is the best way to keep your website flexible in the long run.

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