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Darrell J. Pedersen’s website is built to support Darrell J. Pedersen’s first-ever book while providing a place for people to purchase directly from Darrell. The site creates a new source of revenue that doesn’t have to move through Amazon or wait for independent bookstores to put his work on their shelves.

Darrell’s website is focused on his only book, however, it is set up to support more books in the future. When you look at this website, it is evident that Darrell wants you to do is purchase his book. The use of simple colors that have strong contrast pulls the user’s eye to the most important areas.

The website also resembles the book, helping to reinforce Darrell’s playful and humorous style.

What does this author site get right?

  • Great use of color
  • Enables online sales
  • Focuses on the Author’s style
  • Has an active blog

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