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Shows Stephen King's excellent home page website design

Stephen King’s legacy is firm and robust. Many of us pull inspiration from his books and ideas, and his website is no exception. We love his site, especially how well the designer organized Stephen King’s prolific body of work into a very clean and user-friendly design. The site’s information abides by a structured content system that keeps the format of posts consistent throughout the site. To us, we see behind the curtain here and into the site’s bones. As site builders, we understand that this structured data system probably makes this site extremely easy for Stephen King’s team to post updates. We think this is an essential aspect of website design because so much of what makes a site great is that the website owner actually uses the site. We draw on this for inspiration for sites we build because we want our sites to be ultra-easy for authors to use and update.

Beyond this, the design is very clean while still highlighting Stephen King’s unique writing style. It doesn’t focus on any one book in particular but rather creates a design that can highlight the unique cover art and the content of the books themselves. Essentially, it’s a subtle design that focuses on the books as the central design element, not on the site itself.

What does this author site get right?

  • The content is current and updated frequently
  • The site is well organized
  • The design isn’t obsessed with itself, rather it is there to support Stephen King’s works

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