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Susan Greenfield’s website design is absolutely the most unique, bold, and risky design on the list. It is interactive and incorporates video, horizontal scrolling, large fonts, and many other modern website design qualities. We think this is almost opposite Stephen King’s website. Susan’s site focuses more on creating a website that is a total experience of Susan’s brand. From the site, it is evident that Susan is on the cutting edge of her industry and is promoting far more than just her career as a writer. She is promoting her unique and profound ideas in neuroscience and her ability to share those ideas in multiple formats. The design immediately shows that she is a change leader with bold ideas.

Susan also incorporates a great marketing feature that sometimes people run from – popups! After generating excitement with the site’s design, she presents a popup to help her audience stay engaged. Popups, when done right, are an effective way to drive engagement!

What does this author site get right?

  • It takes bold design risks that resemble Susan Greenfield’s bold personality
  • It incorporates many aspects of modern design trends
  • It uses popups well

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