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The man behind “The Art of The Click”, practices what he preaches. Glenn Fisher’s well-designed website highlights that simplicity, colors, and excellent copywriting provoke an emotional response that engages users and drives clicks. His website uses an extremely simple color scheme, focusing on pink as his stand-out color – a bold decision for the modern man, but one that highlights that his ideas and practices have a youthful energy that bucks conventions.

He’s described as ‘a genuine master copywriter’ and you feel that it’s true as you scroll through his site. It is as though you’re getting a glimpse into the master’s dojo. We love his site not just for the masterful design but also because it highlights that many authors use their site to focus their marketing efforts on things other than just books. He sells his courses, consultations, and his expertise.

What does this author site get right?

  • Highlights other services besides his book
  • Has fantastic copywriting
  • Has a bold design that reflects Glenn Fisher’s style

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