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Why You Should Add a Blog to Your Business Website

Your business can greatly benefit from a blog. Not only does it generate search engine traffic for long-tail keywords that other pages on your site might not rank for, but it also adds value in numerous other ways. Let’s dive deeper into the world of blogging.

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The Most Recent Quick Tip:

Use a Password Manager But Not LastPass

My go-to password was LastPass, but with the most recent security breach, I can’t recommend them anymore.

Here are 3 reasons why I say stop LastPass:

  1. Their recent security breach gave direct access to Vault backups where passwords, usernames, and website names were stored. The hacker still needs to break high-end encryption to access these files and passwords aren’t stored directly here, but this basically means the attacker can now brute force these copies to their heart’s desire, see the incident here.
  2. They gave me a LastPass paid account for free for no reason. My trial was supposed to end and I was supposed to be billed. It never ended, and I’ve never been billed. It is a red flag that I happily ignored, but no more. It hints at lousy management and poor practices, which probably played a major role in their most recent breach.
  3. Switching is incredibly easy. I switched over to Bitwarden (open-source software, my favorite) and I was able to quickly and easily switch. I haven’t been charged by Bitwarden yet, but man I’m excited to be! Paying for security and peace of mind is 100% worth it.

In 2023 we cannot continue to think of our digital life with mystical confusion. You need to own the tools that make you a responsible internet user. Having a password manager and using it well is more essential than having a wrench on hand to fix a leaky faucet. The reality of the digital world is that we need digital tools. If you plan to use the internet, get a password manager and treat it with care.